Bringing together two worlds

Seabed mapping experts from the ECOMAP consortium went from the Baltic Sea to the alps for a week in November to receive training from the Airborne Hydro Mapping company AHM being located in Innsbruck in Austria. Traveling into the alps to strengthen marine mapping seems to be a paradox, but AHM established as a leading expert on LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) measurements of fluvial, limnic and coastal areas offering high-level spatial data capturing and analysis. One strategic goal for ECOMAP is to generate synthesis between the two separate worlds of bathymetric LiDAR and shallow water MBES (multibeam echosounder systems). Next to special training for AHM in-house LiDAR data processing and visualization, we identified many cross-cutting topics. Therefore, bringing the LiDAR and MBES worlds together, we foresee a large mutual benefit in terms of data analyses, processing, and interpretation. In the near future we aim for strengthening our collaboration with AHM and are curious about the data of the upcoming ECOMAP LiDAR overflights scheduled for February and June 2019 in the Western Baltic Sea.

Picture showing the workshop team: Left to right: Ramona Baran (AHM), Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen (GEUS, Univ. Copenhagen), Marcel Ritter (AHM), Philipp Held (University Kiel), Signe Schilling Hansen (University Copenhagen), Jens Schneider von Deimling (University Kiel), Manfred Niederwieser (AHM), Johannes Senn (Newcastle University)