EMB205: ECOMAP winter cruise to Oderbank

After a short ECOMAP cruise on RV Elisabeth Mann Borgese (EMB) to Oderbank in July 2018, it was now time for the complementary winter cruise. In addition to the first cruise, members of the IOW-Benthic Biology working group joined the IOW-Marine Geophysics team. This meant not only an increase of interdisciplinary knowledge, but an enhancement of technical possibilities: The brand-new HAPS corer proved to be very efficient in the sandy environment, and the video sledge Baltic Seafloor Imaging System (BaSIS) made an extensive optical ground truthing possible. An improvement of the geophysical equipment was utilization of a calibrated NORBIT WBMS STX, allowing again the recording of a multifrequency backscatter dataset.

Weather conditions were quite nice for a January cruise, so it was possible to collect all data as planned. Now, we are looking forward to analyse the new information, and to bring together the results from biology and geophysics…

The working deck of RV Elisabeth Mann Borgese (EMB) during preparation day.

The scientific team of cruise EMB205.

The deployment of the underwater video sledge.

A video still of the downward looking camera at the video sledge showing mussels and sand ripples at the Oderbank.